Live in this Higher Awareness


Whenever you've missed an opportunity, remember that time is a wave, and a wave behaves like this -- the wave itself travels through the water, but the water remains in place. Therefore, when the next wave arrives, the opportunity is there again . . . if you’re open to it. When you’re fully aware as each moment arrives, you’ll recognize when it returns. This is one of the many benefits of increased awareness, being able to spot the return of an opportunity, rather than being upset by having missed it the first time around. In this understanding of physics, you’re able to enjoy the “reality” behind the “illusion” of time. In every moment you have thousands of micro-thoughts and micro-choices -- these are behind the obvious display of the ones you know. These accumulate to build attitudes and moods . . . the attitude of either being disappointed, or hopeful when an opportunity is missed. When you’ve done what it takes to become ‘super-aware’ -- every missed opportunity is a signal to watch for the return. When you do not operate with this level of awareness, your disappointment puts you into an attitude and mood that controls your subsequent moments. Then, in your frustration, you deny the possibility of having what you’ve missed. This accumulates -- controls your micro-thoughts and micro-choices -- builds attitudes and moods of expecting to miss out . . . now you’re all setup to fulfill this negative prophecy . . . and you will. The psycho-emotional body would rather be “right” than fulfilled . . . a nature derived from its days of survival . . . when every “right” was a live or die moment. To change this visible reality -- discipline your micro-reality -- all the thoughts and choices occurring in the background. Discipline yourself to not be controlled by mood -- ride the ever returning wave of time toward fulfillment. Our prayer is that you understand the physics of existence; live in this higher awareness, not your lower, survival, protective moods; build a momentum from all of your missed opportunities and fulfill your dreams . . . expect the best . . . it’s always there . . . or soon will be.