Live And Let Live


When establishing a community and building the relationships into unity, identity will be built either through excellence or obstinacy. It is by being collaborative, not competitive, that you envision ideal content. This way you allow for the balance between the polarities: the positives and the negatives. In this process, display patience -- which is not to say sit and wait, but rather sit and know. It is the sailing of a relationship.

The Place is the position of your sails, Destiny is where you are going. Purpose is the pathway between where you are and where you are going. There are infinite possibilities of Space which are like the winds. Within these infinite possibilities are infinite solutions awaiting your patience to unfold them.

While building this community it is important to trust everyone for who they are, while simultaneously encouraging them to become who they wish to be. Remeber: All life longs to be included.

To this end, it is essential your voice be reasonable in tone, while you are unreasonable in commitment. There can not be absolutes in your voice- your tone must be flexible and yet the commitment firm. When your tone is flexible and there is a guarantee in your absolute commitment, there is nothing to rebut and you convey a sense of total security.

When patience is accompanied by such security it is a guarantee -- your needs will be met by the gratitude that your needs will meet.