Listen to the Feminine


Since the days in the caves, men have dominated relations with women . . . not because they’re better, but because they’ve been genetically trained to think they're stronger. This genealogical thinking is set up, and it’s true, a man is much more physically powerful than a woman, but a woman is up to sixteen times more emotionally powerful than a man. This is used in the bearing and raising the future of everyone, but this is also why there’s so much abuse . . . not more today than ever before . . . just more documented. A woman can take a man into emotional realms where he reverts to his physical power . . . the lowest denominator in evolution where he maintains his perceived advantage. It’s the natural insecurity within equality . . . there’s been no equality for millions of years. A major change to break this outdated pattern -- no matter how hard you will try . . . if you can’t see it -- you won’t change it. Since it’s an all-inclusive environment -- as Einstein would say -- there’s no relativity outside the fact . . . the fact remains without challenge. Like the nose on your face, the only way you can actually see it to change it, is with a mirror; in this case the mirror is that which isn’t what is. This is the ‘speak’ of relativity . . . there has to be something that isn’t, in order to actually perceive the ‘what is’. In this case, that which isn’t, is a woman. This is exactly who will lead us out of this violently male dominated world . . . the women are the answer to peace on Earth. You will have to have patience with the process on both sides . . . it’s not going away in a generation. The process has to get started however, and in order to start, everyone will have to stop embracing the biggest bully and the most brutish of the brutes. Tough talk can no longer be a sign of leadership . . . collective consciousness is the future. Our prayer is that you are ready and willing -- because you’re totally able . . . that you’re not only willing -- you’re inspired to resolve this fundamental human dilemma; that you listen to the feminine, whether inside yourself or inside others, and honor balance . . . not dominance.