Limitless Harmonic Motion


  Waves of time are like standing waves of sound, they don’t actually go anywhere, but rise and fall in place. The passage of time is a figment of the mind as it stores these rising and falling moments into memory . . . with all their ideas, concepts and meanings traveling nowhere and everywhere. This is the nature of the waves that take light-photons and other particles throughout the atmosphere, stratosphere, ionosphere and deep space surrounding the Earth and all other bodies. There are playgrounds of waves that communicate from other dimensions into these two, three, and four dimensions of material unfolding. Time is a standing wave that's occurring within these “confines” as a limitless infinity under the constraints of an unknown identity . . . some call GOD.

Standing waves are produced by periodic waves of the same frequency, amplitude, and wavelength traveling in opposite directions. There's an amplitude in timewaves that interferes between the measure of one life form interacting with another life form. This too creates the sensation of time passing . . . time spent together. Then as a wave travels through a medium, the particles of the medium vibrate in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the wave's motion. There are many types of waves in time: a pulse like the heartbeat; periodic waves of a quasar; a sine wave like in music and the light of the kundalini traveling up the spine; transverse waves as in those that cover the oceans, and longitudinal waves of springs and other buoyancies. All of these indicate motion within time, of the meaning of some passage, whether, in fact, anything passes at all awareness gives it meaning.

Our prayer is that you make the most of all waves; use them to create greater ease on Earth; ride them as you build upon their similarities and blend within their differences -- then enable the final form of all the motions you experience to be harmonic, for time is an illusion . . . you want to make it the best.

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