Lighten Up


The history of the Universe has not always been heavy and grave. The history -- that’s filled with wars -- is not so common in the larger picture. It’s only the world you’ve come to know in the most recent times . . . the past hundred million years. Think of a world with far less gravity, and you’re imagining a world that once existed . . . less gravity . . . more levity, and the possibilities this brings. You’re viewing an ancient moment . . . when carpets could fly; when walking on water was a “walk in the park” . . . war was never used to settle anything, for with reduced gravity, everything’s affected. In levity your thoughts have lightness; they’re uplifting in every aspect -- full of light -- never heavy, or burdensome -- ideas are inspirational. This was common in ages past . . . the ruling ideas and consequential realities came out of thoughts with super-levity. Compared to today’s world -- the one with barbaric violence that we consider reality -- this ancient world was ‘Heaven on Earth’. What could’ve possibly been the science -- the explanation behind such a difference? The entire Universe is filled with the most abundant form of known matter in existence . . . this is plasma. Plasma is one of the four fundamental material states -- the others being solid, liquid and gas. Plasma has an exceptional amount of free electrons and ions . . . super-conductive . . . producing extraordinary electrical charges and electromagnetic fields. Storms of densely packed plasma winds are always passing through the Universe -- like weather patterns here on Earth. Astrophysics calls this the ‘Electric Universe’ with its massive ‘mythological’ thunderbolts traveling between planets, stars and galaxies. This makes for an entirely different and levitational field . . . a place where ideas are magical and objects are light like air; where imagination interacts at the level of the quanta to produce realities purely from your beliefs. Our prayer is that you prepare for this future -- the masters throughout time have been predicting its return – practice your lightness; lighten your thoughts; catch this new wave of your life, and ride it into the extraordinary realms of levity.