Light Yourself Up

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Kundalini is a light force -- ignited by the tensions, pressures, stresses and frictions universally bonding the entire material Multiverse. The kundalini light shines through nanocrystals found in the fluids of all living bodies . . . plants and animals. When these nanocrystals are more conscientiously aligned by postures and movements such as in kundalini yoga, they direct the force of this light through to the crown of your consciousness at the top of your head. Produced and directed with asanas (postures), conscious movement sequences (kriya), breath awareness (pranayama), and chanting (sound and mantra), this light, and its target, are managed through the daily practice of kundalini yoga sets.

Some of what is done in a set is to align these nanocrystals in the fluids; some of what is done in a set is to ignite the kundalini light itself, and some of what is done in a set is to direct this light toward the crown . . . just like the light of a remote control unit. When there’s interference, or a blockage in the pathway, the light never reaches its intended goal. In physical orthopedic medicine, such a blockage is known as a subluxation . . . where ‘lux’ is light, and ‘sub’ is the misalignment . . . ‘sub-lux’ -- unable to shine through . . . thus preventing “en-light-en-ment.” Fascia and the facia networks, throughout your body, cause, or disrupt, the physical alignment. This is influenced by physical movement, feelings, thoughts and attitudes . . . the physical body’s response to the constant tension, pressure, stress and friction.

Our prayer is that you’re conscious of all these facets in your world of being human; that you discipline your choices in the parts of life that affect all life . . . turning choices into habits of consciousness throughout your actions, and compassion throughout your interactions. 

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