Light your Enthusiasm


The ability to control and manipulate fire has long been credited with the evolution of human excellence. An unprecedented increase in brain size, enabled by a significant increase in the intake of calories from cooking food, corresponds to evidence that pre-humans began using fire occasionally, about 1.75 million years ago. At this time in evolution, the most important person in a tribe or clan became the one who found and maintained the fire -- the 'fire-keeper' -- the new "prophet." Archeology says that the consistent use of fire began about 781,000 years ago . . . meaning, they were making fire now, not just finding it. Evidently pre-humans used found fire for nearly a million years before they could consistently produce it. This new ability to produce, control and manipulate fire gave pre-humans greater power and versatility; their ability to migrate; cook food all the time, and stay warm nearly anywhere . . . ultimately it helped develop language because of gathering together around fires. The era of the ‘fire-keeper’ was changing; the ‘fire-maker’ was now closest to life itself. Again in today’s world there's this changing of the guard -- the ‘keeper’ to the ‘maker’. For thousands of years, it was maintained that only 'ascended masters' could grant access to the gates of “heaven” (your liberation). Such was the time of the ‘fire-keepers’. Now, like then, there's a new evolution, the era of the ‘fire-maker’; enlightenment/liberation is available to everyone . . . make your own “fire” – light your own light -- be your own prophet. It can still be bestowed; worshiping an ‘ascended one’ is a practice of Bhakti . . . perfectly fine -- now you have choices. Our prayer is that you light your enthusiasm to be a 'fire-maker' -- never quench it; always look to light, warm, feed and serve yourself and everyone around you; discover that you have the innate ability and authority to be this prophet -- don't be shy, and definitely don't be surprised when you're criticized, or even slandered for being so bold and courageous . . . that's been happening for almost a million years . . . get used to it.