light in the mind


Human life is an experience in magnificence when done with the courage to make mistakes. You are the only creature to consistently learn and grow from mistakes . . . other species often perish from them. Sacred texts define humans as created in the image of GOD. The word when broken down: 'hu' actually means light and 'man' means mind in ancient Sanskrit. A human being is a being with light in the mind . . . this light is your information, intelligence, insight, creativity, imagination and intuition. It infers a capacity beyond the response to any immediate circumstance . . . to conceptualize beyond events, and to discover a path unfettered by commonly held limits. The miracle of being human is a miracle of the space you hold in light, and the time you allow yourself to embrace the solutions contained in it. Our prayer is that you team up with this miracle of being light and take the human experience for the ride of your fearless life.