Life Will Take And Lead You Through the Unknown, Unfamiliar And Uncertain Barrios of This World


When you sincerely request to grow spiritually -- life will take and lead you through the unknown, unfamiliar and uncertain barrios of this world. In this, you will be tested, taunted and tormented in order to surrender and become completely 'OK' with the total lack of security and feeling safe. How else are you going to become introduced to elegance of your faith? Safe, after all, is different for each person -- it is defined by the individual's karmic cycle of consciousness. With some, safe is being able to make up their own decisions; for others, safe is to have all decisions made for them. All persons have their standard, but unless something knocks you off your safe-zone, you will hold on to it for dear life and never grow. This safe-zone is then the most dangerous place to live. It will keep you attached to the illusions generated by your karmic cycle (the sum total of your incarnate scores). If you want to change and grow from where you already are: you must dramatically shift what you have already done.

But even this is not enough to grow spiritually. There are so many places for your fears and doubts to hide and hold you to the known qualities of your safety. This is known as shakti-path and is where a spiritual teacher is essential . . . a person to knock you off this pedestal of your false certainty. Your ego and your sense of danger will fight tooth and nail. One thing to remember: even if you are not enjoying the ride -- in order to grow, you must ride the ride.

Karmic cycles are conditions of your cosmology (cycle of your Soul) and it is perfectly supported by your genealogy (cycle of your ancestors the family's physical and emotional DNA). Reinvesting your family's emotions into your own body at a cellular level; you renew this karmic stumbling block from your bloodline. This need to be cleared and overcome -- either by you, or later on by your children, your grand-children, your great-grand-children, or further down the evolutionary line.

'Safe' is a state of consciousness, not a comforting thought, not a creatable condition, not the fulfillment of an emotional need or even a negotiation; it is not even an action orientation. Requiring the feeling of safety is a most dangerous state of unconsciousness. Unless a moratorium declared on worry, there will always be a "good" and convincing reason for worrying about "what ifs" and, "what might becomes".

Commitment and surrender are the only roads through such insecurity . . . this for the simple reason, commitment has the power to trump all other emotions and feelings. Commitment is a form of moratorium . . . a dedication to override all the reasons for anything but success. Commitment gives you a certain caliber . . . and this caliber gives you a certain character . . . and this character gives you a certain capacity to uphold any and all declarations. Back to point: the mere fact that you have declared a desire to grow, brings this in your face to be resolved once and for ever. Then, when you are walking through Hell on your way to Heaven, do not stop walking. As you step into the 'Unknown' -- walking through the unknown confusion and uncertainty -- trust that you are still a part of the known Universe. After all, there is no way out or around our Universe. Walk on the middle path, the one right in the middle of your extremes -- on the one side you are deathly afraid to move and on the other side you are trying to run away from perceived danger and on to safety. Both of these are cycles of illusion and ignorance, but in the clutches of them there is no convincing.

Meditate with great discipline into the source-code at the core of your bones to correct with this reality at the root. Make a daily routine and if you have the opportunity, relate to a teacher who will not let you slide. Take up this courage with surrender and commitment and face your insecurities until you no longer feel unsafe. You have begun the journey . . . this is spiritual growth. You will know when you have reached progress because it is then that you will not feel safe and it will not feel unsafe . . . it just feels like it feels.

This is a huge contribution to yourself, to your bloodline and to humanity. Moving beyond your need for safety and into the arms of surrender and commitment, trumps all the elements that have held every one back for lifetimes. You are now the hominid -- the two-legger -- graduating toward being humanely human. Give yourself a big hand and a huge hug.

Bank on this -- this is the new economy in the new evolution. This is true prosperity (pro-spirit). This is spiritual growth.