Life Takes the Lead (Part I)


When you sincerely request to grow spiritually life will take and lead you through the unknown, unfamiliar and uncertain. In this you will be tested, taunted and tormented in order to surrender and become completely OK with the total lack of security and feeling safe. How else are you going to become introduced to elegance of your faith? Safe, after all is different for each person – it’s defined by the individual’s karmic cycle of consciousness. To some “safe” means being able to make up their own decisions; to others, to have decisions made for them. All persons have their standard, but unless something knocks you out of your safe zone you’ll never grow. This safe-zone is the most dangerous place to live, as it will keep you attached to the illusions generated by your karmic cycle. If you want to change and grow from where you already are, you must dramatically shift what you have already done.

But even this isn’t enough to grow spiritually. There are so many places for your fears and doubts to hide and hold you to the known qualities of your safety. This is known as Shakti-path and is where a spiritual teacher is essential – a person to knock you off this pedestal of false certainty. Your ego and your sense of danger will fight tooth and nail. One thing to remember is even if you aren’t enjoying it, in order to grow you must ride the ride.