Life and Consciousness


Ancient mastery is being rediscovered -- the material Universe is a network of inseparable patterns and relationships that are all alive and communicating with light, sound, movement and pure energy. It’s also becoming obvious that this is not simple mechanics -- this has a real life force -- it’s a complete system of living organisms. Most of this scale is so huge that it’s unable to be seen as a single organism, but even eco-science now recognizes Earth is a living being . . . Gaia with a consciousness. Masters and indigenous people throughout the ages understood this; honored this; taught this, and practiced this. The polarity -- the barbaric view, where the Earth and Cosmos are just mechanical, like a clockwork -- has only been believed for the past thousand years -- and only within a small portion of the planet. But now this attitude has spread like a virus, first with colonization, and now with global economics. Advanced astro-science has realized that planets; stars; all celestial systems are the cells and organs of much grander living, cognitive entities . . . exactly like the ancient and indigenous knowledge. Recognition that this complexity and nonlinear patterns are the life of vast organisms stretching across the Universe is an epiphany that holds keys for solving many current issues. Society and social justice; health and healing; education; human rights; political systems; environments and economics -- when everything is a part of a living system, life becomes solvable. The evolution of “obvious” life did not begin with the first “obvious’ living cell, it began billions of years earlier with a process of ‘prebiotics’ . . . the evolution of this entire living multiverse. Our prayer is that you recognize life and consciousness in everything around you; that you honor these living entities as parts in the much larger life; that you derive great emotional energy from all of these relations, just as you would from any person or animal, and teach this to the adults and children of the world . . . it will ultimately reveal the peace and great harmony that is the core of all life.