Liberation is Never From Anything, It is Toward Everything


When a man commits to a position . . . occupying no dimension . . . projecting limitlessly forever . . . this is a liberated man. When a woman trusts the imagination of her total vision . . . agreeing to her limitlessly forever . . . this is a liberated woman. When these are united -- the man and the woman -- the man and the man -- the woman and the woman -- the student and the teacher -- all relate within what is known as love . . . no limiting conditional time-lines, no limits to the dimensions, no limits to the trust of possibilities, no limits to the imagination.

Within this sacred geometry of oneness, as all the pre-scripts and the post-scripts are relaxed, the options multiply through the outcomes and discovery becomes gold amongst the dirt. By not living by the rule of others, you respect yourself . . . by not condemning the attempts of others to rule, you respect their self. All is -- in fact --the one self, for there is not -- in fact -- any 'other'.

Liberation is never from anything, it is always toward everything. The history of its path [the 'from'] can be either (because of) or (in spite of) . . . the trajectory of its path [toward] is always the commitment from within, or the trusting of within. This actually disables the 'without' to control anything.

Let this 'maze' sit within you -- without your brain trying to put the puzzle together. This is one for the heart to assemble with its steady loving rhythms. The heart has the deposit of your cosmology to work from, and is able to perceive through this 'maze' into the lens of infinity.

Let it do its job . . . it will always do it well . . . it is 'amazing' that way. Such a Heaven on Earth will become the common experience in the New Evolution.