Liberation is Attained by Letting go of Illusion


Our development as a vessel has gone through many stages. We have been in a plateau for some time now, but there is evidence that we are reaching the end of that plateau: your dissatisfaction. You try to interpret that dissatisfaction projecting it onto something in your external world. Maybe you're not thin enough, or tall enough, or brown enough, or rich enough, or smart enough. The persistent quest of “if only” is what drives humankind. We are coming to end of that “if only” stage, which has driven us very successfully for the last seven hundred and fifty thousand years. You came to planet earth to establish the fact that if is now and we are one, only.  I guess that was the quest that we were always on but between if and only, we left out a bunch of words. If is now, we are one only. The stages have been dramatic. One million seven hundred fifty thousand years ago, someone looked at a fire burning in the forest—just as his father before him and his grandmother and his great grandparents all had—and he suddenly realized that one end of the burning stick wasn't burning. He picked up that stick, and in that moment, and the world of the two-legged animals changed irrevocably.

The person who stuck his hand in and pulled out that burning stick was worshiped as a person of great power, as an avatar, as a prophet. They didn't have language to define that person or to even name that person but they gathered around that person and worshiped that person because that person was the fire keeper. An entire religion was built around the fire keeper because that fire could do many things and over the million years that the fire keeper was worshiped, that fire provided for so many unique opportunities.

We began to cook tuberous roots. It is said that two things caused the frontal lobe to grow after we stood up. One was eating meat and the frontal lobe grew with aggression. The other was eating tuberous roots that were softened by the glow of a fire, which created a different kind of frontal lobe. A frontal lobe of deep contemplative meditation.