Many years ago a student asked Yogi Bhajan, "Where will you be after you're gone?" He leaned into the students face and touched his nose to their nose and said, "Closer than this." There's a freedom that comes with liberation, a freedom that does not come with just death, but from completing the assignments of life. Without the body, and not needing to get into another, the tasks of an angel are the tasks of a liberated being. The goal of all life is to be liberated when you've completed it. Then you can be in multiple places at once; serve as many people as will accept your assistance; travel beyond the limits of sequenced time, and simply follow the thoughts of the Universal mind that are tuned to the quest of a liberated consciousness. This is the freedom of liberation; this is the goal of every life; this is the path of every dharma, and the result of all great disciplines. There's a sacred hymn that says, "Live such a life that has ever been lived, so you won't have to die again." Each time you leave your body behind, you're greeted by the most perfect version of you . . . this is your full mirror. The degree to which you can see yourself in this vision and version is the degree of your liberation . . . this is the true nature of forgiveness -- 'giving yourself forward' -- to match the most perfect you. During life, these three and four dimensions of spacetime are a practice field for this timeless spaceless moment . . . the opportunity to participate in observing yourself with equanimity and perfect benevolence. Since the ultimate reality is that the observed and the observer are the same event, the only question is -- how long will it take for you to commit your Earthly reality to this Universal principle? When will your senses connect to the oneness of everything? Our prayer is that you sense your greatest self in the hint of every moment that you experience; that you accept the help of the angels that are closer to you now than they were in life; that you dedicate your days to your liberation and the liberation of others, and that you live a life of service so that liberation comes naturally when all your days are done.