Leverage with Infinity


A human advantage is imagination -- the non-local, universally distributed system of consciousness -- your thoughts can locate anywhere you want with their ultimate distribution point being at the threshold of infinity. Wherever you are: you can daydream; you can imagine; you can project; you can reflect; you can focus right here, or anywhere. The closer you locate this awareness to infinity, the more leverage your consciousness delivers; the more power you can apply to change the moment. The greater this leverage -- the less any of the disruptive details can disrupt you . . . they have little power. It is said that, "the devil lies in the details," but with this kind of distributed leverage, you can use the details to sharpen your talents. The more these details are "infinitely" imagined within your psyche, the more cooperation from 'creation' takes place; events you desire occur with greater ease. The closer to the threshold of infinity you stand in your awareness, the more leverage you have to alter your finite life . . . eventually it's all changeable. This is the true nature of 'shape-shifting', where purposeful chaos unshapes the 'un-wanted' in your world, to shift the nature of nature into that which serves you and others. Spiritual masters have practiced this for thousands of years, and now logical science is discovering the magical spirit. Quantum entanglement, one example of matter breaking all the laws of physics . . . twin pairs of sub-atomic particles invisibly connected through near-infinite time and space . . . faster than light. Molecular biology currently shows genetic messages transmitted (cell to cell) through non-logical and invisible modes -- 'transmission' (known since the discovery of the cell), has been joined by transduction and teleportation. Now we're talking 'logical' science in 'magical' terms. Our prayer is that you cease holding yourself prisoner to the limits of logic; free your imagination into the magical winds of 'whatever' . . . allow John Lennon's messages in 'Imagine' to be a starting point . . . imagine your world in your own way. You have this right . . . it's yours.