Let us Gather in the Company of People of Love so we Will Remember Our Purpose in Their Presence


We are at the place in human existence where a race between 'ignorance being blissful & enlightenment being essential' is in full swing. To use the whole human system is an absolute must at this point in our evolution. The common belief of yesterday and today is: we have a body and when the body stops life is over. Because of this belief system, life is considered a fragile event and all the sensations of life are extremely insecure. With the sensations of life being fragile, everything about it is considered critical and unsafe . . . this is the driving motivation of today's human world. In this environment: job is critical; family is critical; religious belief is critical; culture is critical. Where is the motivation for joy when it is all viewed from such a critically fragile posture? There is very little enjoyment in the world today . . . there is a whole lot of fear. If you teach otherwise; you are considered foolish, naive and irresponsible.

To transcend from this fragile belief system — where everything is a battle and every discussion an argument — to a robust belief system where life is eternal and joy is essential . . . this is the required phenomenon. Inside the DNA of every animal there is a dominant nature developed for the purpose of survival. This survival trigger is set in place to insure that such "foolish" and "irresponsible" transitions — and the conversations that inspire them do not take place. But, there is also a driving force inside our human nature which suspects there is something much greater. This has set up the battle inside every human heart. This is the world today, in transition from survival driven by fear — to purpose driven by joy.

You cannot easily put this transition into words; you cannot easily describe your feelings about it, but you know it is right here . . . right now. Today, this sensation of something greater than what we are pursuing is very close to the surface.

The mystics and yogis called this sensation our 'Immortal Authority'. The mystery schools taught it to the chosen few. Now it is to be taught openly and publicly. It gives life an attitude of safety within any insecurity and a sense of greater purpose and fulfillment within any sense of slavery. To shift from the body orientation, with all its emphasis on being fragile - temporal - with massive insecurity and being surrounded by dangerous enemies, to a belief in our immortal authority would be huge. It is like a frog switching from being a polliwog to being the amphibian . . . from gills breathing water to lungs breathing air, a massive amount of courage is required.

We have so many unrealistic concepts attached to our beliefs, but if we shift this too rapidly our fears will rebel. We will feel lost without our safety nets. The entire emotional economy that is calibrated on the greed of our survival will collapse. There is a tremendous risk in bringing about world peace . . . a lot more than just the peace itself.

This transition . . . this new evolution is rooted in a hundred thousand years of development. We have conceptualized life with a collection of opinions based in emotions with very little reality. Our conceptualized GOD without the experiences of GOD is even at risk. This is at the root of our current wars.

Changing this is an adult conversation pleading to take place, but the world is quite childish . . . not prepared for such maturity. We may all want this adult conversation, but there are precious few adults to have it with. That is why you feel out of place; you might feel lonely from time to time. You have — in fact — been assigned to a toddler's center called planet Earth. Do not disrupt the toddlers with your negative judgments . . . simply make certain that you gather the like minded tribe.

To work effectively with the world as it is we have to be consistent, determined, compassionate, patient, intelligent and intuitive. We will require all this strength to guide the massive immaturity through this narrow opportunity in timespace. We are in a race between ignorance being blissful and enlightenment being essential. Do not question it; this is why it said, "Let us gather in the company of people of love so we will remember our purpose in their presence."

The transition is right now . . . the time is right on . . . the race is here. Use your whole human system to join in this race . . . Angels are waiting to assist you in every way . . . using them is essential.