Let The Song Play


The breath as the voice of the Soul and the heartbeat as the Taal (sacred rhythms) together sing the song of life. Mystics have said that destiny is written on our foreheads – as the screen that is projected from the frontal lobe, it is the seat of the highest frequencies of the collective human consciousness. Every human being has a statemen to make, a state to be in during their life. As long as the song is playing, these requirements are actively engaged. When it is played from the highest consciousness of courage, you become a seeker – consciously, actively and tirelessly seeking, a student of the Cosmos. If you do not let this song play, you are a window shopper – perhaps claiming to be a seeker, but you are not seeking. You are playing it safe.

When we face any dilemma, the Cosmos has already composed the corrections. The only question that remains is which side of this even will you stand on? The dilemma or the correction? The confusion or the commitment? Will you be the shopper or the seeker?

Living in these times has built up a lot of emotional and mental ’noise.’ This is a weakening process and it robs us of our innate human powers. One way to respond to this and create the graceful state of a quiet mind of dynamic silence, a mind that can think and create solutions, is to breathe part of each day with what is called ’breath of fire.’

This is pumping the belly on each exhale and out on each inhale. Do this with a steady breathing rhythm of about 80 – 90 breaths per minute, and do it while sitting in easy pose or a chair for 3 minutes, several times each day.

Let the voice of the Soul sing the song of your life and turn you into the seeker you were born to be.