Learn To Surrender To The Grinding Wheel of Time


The beauty of commitment is that in quantum mechanics the observed and the observer become synonymous so if you have absolute faith and trust in the teacher then that system called teacher or whatever it is constructed of, cannot fail you. But the moment you begin to withdraw from that commitment you begin to argue with that teacher which is not a person . . . you begin to search for a new teacher, which is an illusion. It's like a bunch of people standing in front of a mirror and I go up and look at my reflection. I don't like what I see so I start to look at your reflection and start to search one that will fit me better. We have developed a social construct that accepts that. We will absolutely design our friends and neighbors around those who accept us in our out of tune-ness and we just refer to it as jazz. Sounds out of tune? No it's jazz. Sounds like lots of passing chords and you will surround yourself with people who love those passing chords all the time. You have conversations day after day that absolutely filled with those passing chords as being real ones. We completely gather around people who are sympathetic like the strings of a sitar. There are twenty-six sympathetics and they are tuned to the intervals of the strings on top so that they vibrate and that is what gives us the sense of that sitar being fuzzy. So you gather the sympathetics around you and those who don't sympathize with you, you move away from because the animal seeks pleasure and avoids pain and non sympathetic association is very painful. So you don't see a teacher to be cozy cozy. We can be cozy with each other but when you have a rough edge. If you are going to get that rough edge ground off it's going to cause some friction stress pressure and some tension. You want to keep your rough edge? How long do you want to keep your rough edge? Learn to surrender. Learn to surrender to the grinding wheel of time. Don't analyze, don't describe, don't define, just feel. Feel your feelings, just feel. Can you sit and see if you can surrender your feelings? That's the lower triangle. From the upper triangle perceive your circumstance without preference. Don't prefer it to be anything other than what it is because what it is only what you've gathered. If you feel your feelings without trying to define or describe them you will actually feel their honesty. These messages will be extremely clear. Feel your feelings as a physical passive then perceive without preference. Being able to perceive what is without preference. Wow, you are then feeling your feelings without any resistance, no analysis, no judgment. You are just feeling them and that puts you right smack in the middle of the center of the center. Now you perceive without preference. You perceive everything without preferring it to be different and you realize that you begin to perceive a whole different world. The people aren't who you thought they were, the world isn't what you thought it was. Suddenly your whole system locks into what is known as pace . . . and pace is the heart center.