Know Yourself


The anatomy of the various human body parts has physical reasons for existing and psycho-emotional energetic reasons for existing. These parts are inter-related throughout your life and play off of each other to create what you experience as the time of your life. In this play, your feet are the direction that your life is moving in. This is why you should always check on your feet from time to time and make certain they're pointing exactly in the direction you're intending to move in . . . physically, actually and precisely. Otherwise you're fighting your own direction. Your ankles are the angles of your momentum into this direction . . . they must always be limber and active in the strides of your walk. Don't allow them to become passive in relation to your movements forward this will reduce your power. Your lower legs are the standards and principles on which you stand . . . there are two bones in your lower legs . . . everyone has a double standard. There's the standard you brought with you into this life, and this is your primary standard. There's also one that's applied to you by the world around you . . . this must take a secondary position, or your legs will be out of alignment and troublesome in the knees. The tibia bone is the larger one . . . it contains your personal standards and principles. The fibula is smaller and slightly positioned to the back . . . this contains the standards and expectations of the world around you. Honor your's first and foremost -- but don't ignore that of the world or you will always be experiencing disruptive opposition. Our prayer is that you stand on your own; that you initiate your own unique ideas; that you're very clear with your own principles, but also deeply aware of the principles of others . . . in this way you'll always be aligned and balanced and clear to move your dreams forward through life . . . a life that you can experience as being true to the actual you . . . the one at the core of you.