Know Your Song Well


The rhythms of your pulse, push melodies through your blood, vibrating in the arteries and capillaries of your circulation, like the strings on an instrument. Your body plays a song of life . . . resonating constantly inside you, from the moment you're born to the moment of your passing. As distinctive as the prints on each finger, and the iris in your eyes, this melody and rhythm are yours alone . . . unique in every way. The nature of this song -- though completely unique for each individual -- affects everyone exactly the same . . . it uplifts the moment; it clarifies the situation; it satisfies and awakens . . . that is -- if you're listening. It's a tune you can rely on in a pinch, and in the most delightful of moments, to keep you in tune with what’s happening. And when you relate to it -- you’re elevated over challenges; accepted through restrictions to build a moment into momentum that allows you to rest in peace within your pressures. Every day, your singing blood travels over 19,000 km . . . 12,000 miles, through the more than 60,000 miles of capillaries contained in your body. What a magnificent instrument serenades each one of your thirty to seventy trillion body cells. The music is both a love song and a dance tune . . . it's anything you need, whenever you need it. Any mood can be altered; any moment can be captured; any challenge can be mastered; any mission can be structured, and then delivered . . . all by paying close attention to your song. And that's the key, you must pay attention in order for your life-song to be effective. When your current dream -- the one at the "present" layer of your awareness needs altering -- your life-song navigates through the openings to the light in the labyrinth of the illusion. This is when the commotional charge will raise its voice of doubt, but your song can satisfy the moment . . . listen to it. Our prayer is that you know your song well; that you’re listening to it right now as you read these words -- and every day you make certain that you play along with your song.