Know What You Want?


You know what you want. You receive what you expect. To actually get in touch with your expectations is a very painful experience. Your expectations are a phenomenon that controls your existence. You do not know what you expect until you are almost certain of getting what you want…and then the fear of getting what you want identifies your expectations. You were never ready to get what you wanted otherwise you would have had it. When your wants and desires do not equal your expectations, you fill the gap with doubt, concern, fear, worry, and trepidation. Some people are so adverse to the gap, they fill it with all sorts of things and each time the gap starts to widen and take hold, they buy a new thing. People also fill the gap with hurt feelings, disappointment, confusion, disgust, and blame. Find the power in this reality. Your expectations equal your value, as perceived by your consciousness. Your consciousness marks your growth on your journey toward oneness and union with the infinite. Yes, you are God. No, you don't think you are. You want to think you are, that is your desire. You don't think you are, that is your expectation.