Know the Truth


It’s important to differentiate ‘reality’ from ‘historical fantasy’ in today’s climate of conflict. Anthropology understands that “whiteness”, or Caucasian complexion, is the genetic alteration of the original darker pigmentation. It was necessity -- too little sunlight north of the Caucus Mountains -- where migration there caused this color loss. Today, now that the “Ice-ages” have disappeared and people of all colors migrate everywhere, this is a genetic ‘weakness’ . . . pale skin is problematic. But, psychologically speaking, at a lower frequency of human consciousness, weaknesses tend to “bully-up” in order to cover-up the weakness. This is the history in the attitudes towards skin color. There's nothing of value, or liability in the color of skin, other than the attitudes of cultures . . . ‘race’ is a myth. Evolution, over hundreds of thousands of years, reduced the pigment of Northerners to allow more sunlight into their bodies while living in dimly sun-lit regions. These were the same regions hit hardest by the advancing glaciers of the “Ice-ages”, which destroyed all of the food stocks and turned these natural herbivores into unnatural carnivores.

The carnivorous diet turned a social animal into an aggressive predator, and the rest is the human history of conflicted misery. The pale skinned carnivores have aggressively roamed the planet in search of new hunting grounds for centuries . . . colonizing and enslaving the darker ones. Eventually, the colonized must defend themselves, and avenge the brutal crimes that have gathered at their doorsteps . . . mistreated and enslaved becomes unlivable. Three great books: Late Victorian Holocausts -- about India under the British; 1491 -- about the Americas before Columbus, and Guns, Germs, and Steel -- about the enslavement of Africa . . . tell the stories of pale-skinned predators abusing darker skinned people through history.

Our prayer is that you develop your conscious awareness of real-history and true human nature to understand what’s going on right now; that you comprehend the causal level of conflict and are not swept into the neurosis of ‘fact-shifting’ . . . know the truth . . . it will set you free.

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