Keep Up When You Feel Like a Fraud


Fraud factor: we've all felt like a fraud from time to time -- often for no obvious reason . . . it just happens . . . comes out of "nowhere." This has been going on in the human psyche for tens of thousands of years and there's a bio-evolutionary reason why -- but the reason no longer applies. Hundreds of millions of years ago, life was far more fragile; birthing and dying far more violent; taking care of the young more tenuous and unreliable . . . there were natural evolutionary rules developing in order for each specie to survive the ordeal. What science refers to as 'change-governance' was being established in the DNA of each specie to control the rate of change. Evolution was establishing how much change was acceptable and what was not. It was discovering (through trial and error) that if there was too drastic a change, from one generation to the next, the parents wouldn't recognize the offspring and they'd abandon it. Too large of an amount of rapid change was eventually evolved out of the process of adaptation over millions of years and all those 'change-governors' -- in control control of growth -- are still in place to this day. This is why, whether you're climbing out of a hole in your life -- or up the mountain of your dreams -- or moving from where you are, to who you are -- there's a limit to the amount and speed of the changes that your DNA will accept in any one time sequence. When you exceed this so-called "limit" the 'change-governor' kicks in and the sensation sent throughout your psycho-emotional system is that of a fraud . . . it tumbles onto you with a dreadful feeling. This has plagued every spiritual advocate from Jesus to Krishna, Buddha to Nanak, and recently Mother Teresa . . . you are amongst esteemed company in these sensations. Our prayer is that whenever you grow rapidly (emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) and begin feeling like a fraud -- want to turn back and even hide . . . have the courage to "keep-up" . . . keep moving forward with the knowledge that you're doing something outstanding. You're setting off ancient evolutionary red-flags and alarms . . . congratulations on your wondrous growth!