Keep Up - Keep Up And Your Desired Outcome Will Come


Yogi Bhajan used the half cobra for a lot of the sets and half cobra is very important in relating to the emotional body because it opens up the pelvis and the pelvis is the bowl that holds the glands and organs that produce the hormones and peptides that create the emotional sensation that is added to time. When you are having a good time, time passes very quickly. When you are having a bad time, time passes very slowly. Well that's silly because time just passes the same. We have clocks that measure it. No, we have clocks that produce a concept of what took place. We don't have anything that measures time. That is what Yogi Bhajan meant when he said: keep up. . . keep up and your desired outcome will come out. Anger as a determination becomes a space mover that has no defense. There is no way to defend against anger that has become determination. You are so afraid of your anger. We have been told to not be angry so it gets bottled up. Anger's wise use is called determination. It's a space mover but if you're to be a slave you can't move space because if you can move space, you can't be enslaved. This is a guarantee, a law of the cosmos. Anger becomes determination, confusion becomes decisiveness. Confusion is just decisiveness with no place to go. We need to get around the second half of the cosmos, which is logical and that is actually going to be the discovery of experiencing the experience because when you're experiencing the experience you're actually in the embrace of time rather than trying to figure or describe the experience you are having or to define or analyze the experience you are having, which you will save for later so that you can talk about that time that you had but you didn't actually have a time because you didn't have an experience. We sell time for cash . . . so many dollars an hour, a month or a year. This is an absurdity, we prostitute time. All we should get from time is the value of experience. Then and only then are we alive and experiencing life in the moment. We got a little ways to go but that is a measurement so we won't think about that because we could be there in a jiffy. Good idea.