Keep Up


The twenty-first century is a re-evolution; a revolution of issues that’ve plagued Earth the past twenty-five thousand years. These are the two dimensional views consuming humans in a multidimensional world . . . the two dimensions of right vs wrong; good vs bad; men vs women; this way vs that way -- rather than all ways being compatible. In order to change this broken pattern, you’ve been born to break it. You’re the radical disruptors -- sent to this planet in the Universe at this moment in time, to alter the course of history and save all life on Earth. You’re one of those with this responsibility and now is the time to live it . . . completely stretched into your character, knowing everything that you ever want or need will always be there for you. Living at such a level of trust and faith is new for most, but not for you. You’ve been practicing this for lifetimes on planets far more advanced than you now even imagine. Except for those very few, throughout history, who’ve been documented as reaching such a state of nirvana, no one really knows what you’re all about. The key to sustaining your state of realization in all this doubt, is to honor the boundaries that don’t exist . . . not non-existent because no one believes in them, but non-existent because they’re actually not there. This was the lecture Lord Krishna gave Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita; this is the time for the discipline of knowing the emotions, feelings and drives of your lower self, and redirecting them in this world. With these emotions and feelings not redirected, those reaching this level will avoid the unevolved people, go into seclusion and hide your talents. This is not those times; this is not why you’re here on Earth, there’s a need for your highest consciousness to immerse itself into the societies of this world. This revolution is ‘Grishtha Ashram’ as explained by Guru Nanak . . . the life of an enlightened householder . . . not a renunciate. Our prayer is that you flush the doubts that hold a two dimensional view of this multi-dimensional time; that you redirect your base emotions of fear and doubt to guide you -- not stop you. Keep-up and you’ll be miraculously kept up.