joy-filled space


Living nature exists within a state of ease, joy, knowing and liberation -- allowing you to sail your vessel of life through the universal matrix of tension, pressure, stress and friction. The question is, which one of these do you usually experience? The stressful matrix is essential to all material forms -- it holds the universe in its suspended state of existence. Remember this on those days when the relationship between tension, pressure, stress, friction with ease, joy, knowing and liberation seems to be working dead against you. Above all, do not take it personally, for although the stresses are forever surrounding you, there's a sanctuary of ease within its very surroundings. Your consciousness is the doorway between them, your willingness is the key . . . time is waiting for you to open it up and access your joy-filled space. When you exert this willingness, you make the connection to meet the higher you within you . . . it's called being self-sensory. Our prayer is that you experience this sensation of higher-self as a deep friendship beyond four dimensions, a friendship where ease, joy, knowing and liberation prevail. Embrace this friendship as a birthright . . . reach out into it . . . claim it . . . live in it.