Joy Dwells Inside Every Cell


One of the fastest ways to abandon and leave this defensive, fearful, confused and childish world behind is by being fully present at the birth of a child itself. With this event comes the inherent and very real discovery — "I" am the value "I" am — all life is a Divine Right — surrendering is a victory — and your capacity of commitment is boundless and ultimately all pain is painless. Arriving at this boundless capacity to commit, you are introduced to the limitlessness nature of your strength. Within this limitlessness discovery of your strength, you tap the omniscient layers of potential, and within these layers of potential is contained the constantly present — utterly sensible joy. A reality that dwells inside each cell of all life (plant and animal) and when consciously experienced, it stops your pursuit of the endless "chase" and allows you to come back home to relax.

This "chase" always wants you to: find the way — defend the position — prove the argument — claim the right — discover the secret — find the happiness — locate the right person — become and experience the ultimate desire of the most elegant phenomenon . . . so many requirements. This is the pathway of endless exhaustion, constant frustration and absolute illusion. Leave this chase — sit in one place — claim your right by surrendering your free will to your total commitment . . . not to an object (target of your "chase"), but as the subject of being you and having the right to be just that.

This is your immortal authority coming to life. This is your Divine Right of Life deciding to live. This is truly earning a living and can be discovered in the innocent command of babies. This deserves no defense, no argument, no approval of the infinite nature of its value. This is the universal agreement requiring no chase, but requesting total surrender.

Will you surrender your 'SELF' today?