Journey of Evolution


Life is a road and humans are the stewards. You're to care for every living creature and all the parts that may not seem to be alive. Perception of "alive" is difficult to qualify and quantify when the references are so narrowly defined. You're to care for the air, the water, and the earth down to the core. You are the caregivers for the creatures that walk the Earth; burrow beneath its surface; fly above it with their hollow bones and feathered bodies; all the creatures in the waters with their aquatic and amphibious natures . . . you are to take care of them all . . . they are just like you. You are the stewards, not only of the creatures of the Earth, but also the stewards of the Earth. All of the minerals and the metals that are found beneath the Earth are part of the Earth's anatomy. For humans to still be so short-sighted and blind, when you've developed such a profound ability to strip-mine these resources . . . this is a tragedy in the making. You've been removing these resources for centuries, but now the machinery has become so large, and the process has become so accelerated . . . you've reached a tipping point . . . you're at the critical danger point. You must now recognize the Earth as a living entity; value her anatomy . . . humans, and all creatures, are the guests living on her body. Like the trillions of microbes that live in your body, whenever they devalue your structure and strip you down, you become depleted, sick and eventually will die. This is exactly what's taking place in this moment of time -- the minerals and waters beneath the surface; the air, water and atmosphere above and around -- all of this is being too disrupted -- too disturbed -- too depleted. Our prayer is that you realize and recognize everything is life; that you don't need so much to be happy; that you don't need to rip such massive amounts from the mother's body; that the creatures of this planet are not your food, but your companions . . . all on the same journey of evolution. Look to the joys of simplicity; discover the ways of true happiness; be the stewards of all life . . . be assets, not thieves, on this planet . . . be the humans, being humane.