Journal Your Silent Voice


When knowledge is thoughts of ideas and concepts . . . it's pure data . . . just information. To communicate these ideas you require the words that express, explain, and articulate. This is also the nature of the prayerful process; it’s all contained in the mechanics of your throat chakra -- a central part of which is the inner ear. Here, the process of prayer brings about the deep and intuitive understandings. This is the part of your anatomy that’s perfectly stimulated by silence and journaling. The creative nature of your wandering stream of consciousness is found here in the throat center. This brain-mind collection of ideas and concepts -- when you’re in prayer mode -- become explanations, instructions, and maps to right actions . . . the answers to your prayers. In the ancient anthologies, many sages wrote about angels gathering around the swirling eddies in the rhythms of conscious silence. As the stories go, angels are agents of your higher-conscious brain's connection to the universal mind . . . they’re like ‘etheric’ coaches. When angels gather in your silence, they’re blunt, direct, and superbly clear. Their job is not to chat like a buddy, but to challenge your ability . . . all to produce the extraordinary. When angels’ challenge you, and you take it the right way, the challenging experience can be filled with humor . . . they teach you to laugh at yourself. And when the risk is very large, and prayer is a must . . . the deeper your prayer, the more angels show up. Our prayer is that you make this journey through your throat chakra into the journal of your silent voice each day . . . the time is right . . . the moment is here . . . the angels are waiting in your inner ear. Listen for them . . . listen to them . . . it’s in your joyful silence that they speak. They are your essence.