Join us for the Gratitude Cleanse, starting January 1st.


  This Cleanse is based on a daily, step-by-step approach including spiritual reflections, yoga poses, information on nutrition and cleansing, and over 100 raw vegan recipes.  The book is available at and

The 3-week program presents a gradual transition to an all-raw, vegan, cleansing diet.

3 Simple Steps: In Week 1 you will eliminate sugar and flour.

In Week 2, you will eliminate animal products

In Week 3 you will eliminate cooked foods and follow an all raw, vegan diet.

Throughout the Cleanse you will also include spiritual exercises, self-care techniques, and lifestyle habits that promote cleansing on all levels.

Embrace 15 New Habits for 2015 and discover how a lighter diet, a healthier lifestyle, and a more spiritual orientation can promote increased energy, mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual awakening.

15 new Habits for 2015:

Which of these habits will you embrace during the New Years Cleanse?

1. get more sleep

2. be in nature for at least 5 minutes each day

3. listen to calming music

4. read something inspiring each day

5. limit media

6. meditate for at least 5 minutes each day

7. exercise for at least 10 minutes each day

8. stop eating after sundown or at least 3 hours before bedtime

9. eat more raw fruits and vegetables

10. eat only fruit before 12 noon

11. eliminate alcohol and caffeine

12. eliminate flour

13. eliminate processed sugar and artificial sweeteners

14. eliminate dairy products

15. eliminate animal products (dairy, eggs, poultry, meat, fish)


Wishing you a sense of fulfillment as you embark on this uplifting journey toward greater wellness.

In love and light,


For support, questions, or more information, please also feel free to call Gemma at 732 642 9721 or email her at
Gemma Farrell teaches yoga, meditation and wisdom practices at Gratitude Yoga in Princeton, NJ and has followed a raw vegan lifestyle for over 20 years. She sees yoga as a vehicle for self-discovery and a means for increasing our awareness of the present moment, an opportunity to cultivate wisdom and compassion, and above all, as an invitation to foster a spirit of devotion and open our hearts to love and serve others.