It's Time to Listen


Everything that exists is filled with spirit, driven by the soul, and speaks to your depths in an often unrecognizable language. Not the verbal language of your intellect, nor the noted language of your intelligence -- it's the vibrational language of universal knowledge . . . of knowing. In order to hear and understand this language you must know that you know. This is the same knowing that experiences the pain and passion of another without explanation. . . not requiring words to describe it . . . just knowing empathetically. The Earth -- the mother of all matter on this planet; the physical foundation of all that exists here -- speaks to humanity in this sacred language of no words . . . at every moment. She's asking you not to dig, drill and extract so much of the minerals from her body. You're disturbing a natural balance; you're disturbing the restful rejuvenation of her elements -- the ones that equalize the nature of mother-nature. The gold and other minerals that have washed to the surface of the Mother are mature; they're being gifted to the sunlight for all of life's many reasons. But when mines strip the surface and dig from the depths of Earth's belly -- what you're extracting is unripe, unready, and unprepared for any task of supporting life.

The Earth's body is as alive as your body . . . everything that grows, grows from these minerals and requires them to live. Listen, and you will hear the subtle instructions that are constanly communicating. Look at the trees storing water for the times of drought; restoring their freshness in the times of abundance . . . their seeds migrating from one area of need to another area of supply. No forest of trees, or plants, feel they own the land as the migration comes in, but you do . . . you think in unrealistic ownership ways. You need to be clear, migration is the nature of nature . . . ownership of land has nothing to do with nature.

Our prayer is that you pay attention -- messages are always there; that you realize you own nothing but the time you spend; that you share and receive and experience the pain and the joy of each other to know each other . . . the Earth is speaking . . . it's time to listen.

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