It Will Be OK


When you find your way out of these current limitations of three dimensional space and the fourth dimension of time, you’ll be free in the freedom of envelopment wrapping around the moment. Envelopment is the time and space of total equilibrium, balance, and union (yoga). Envelopment is an intuitive leveraging; it's a masterful observation that sees what truly is -- not the distortions of what seems to be . . . distorted by personal agendas. It's the quality of absolute comprehension combined with a total sense of empathy and compassion. This is the new evolution, an evolution preparing for the future beyond this current catastrophe. It’s not a new system, or a new organization -- it’s an entirely new organism. The future is not about large organizations -- such as nations, religions, and corporations -- the future is about an independence gathered around deeply committed interdependence. It’s about individuals with distributed connections and an enveloping embrace. It’s about individuals operating in a field of distributed and completely compatible intelligence, not individually competing agendas, for the Earth is finding that the psychic weight of seven and a half billion personal agendas is far too much to bear. This is the nature of the new organism that’s evolving, and this is why there’s such a violent pushback, because it’s removing your differences without making you all the same. But the fear is that you’re losing something precious in the process. This is the natural fear that accompanies such great and global changes to the characteristics of the character. This is why there’s violence around the world . . . the death throes of the old ways, and they're dying in a massive struggle to survive. This is the nature of evolution -- like water turning to steam when you’ve reached a sublimation point . . . a point of core-level transformation. Our prayer is that you’re ready, willing, and able now to accept the change, challenge, opportunity and growth that’s upon humanity; that you take a courageous role in this core-level event, and share love with the children to replace their natural fear with the faith that there's a way through . . . it will be OK.