It is Nature's Nature to Arrive at Resolution and Harmony


Guru Nanak said there are worlds upon worlds — universes upon universes. Yogis speak of the seven blue Ethers that feed this material multiverse. There is a far more developed concept of GOD awaiting your enlightened consciousness and this one actually calculates and calibrates with science. It is one in which, if you breathe you believe and the measurable components can be explained in rare details, rather than constructed with the misinterpreted contradictions of raw parables.

 Remember: These parables were the stories told in code; the traditions connected to these parables preserved their evidence. The parables were never to be interpreted verbatim — this again was far too simplistic — they were sacred clues for wisdom to unfold. The traditions and rituals protected this evidence . . . evidence discovered by awakened masters and prophets in their deep states of meditative ecstasy.

These religious traditions and stories can be fully compatible with the science that argues against them . . . if we draw upon the following truism. 

'Where there is an impasse and a conflict in any picture; the frame is not large enough — not inclusive enough to accommodate the competing perspectives. Enlarging the frame with facts and research and open dialogs — with debates and experimentation and friendly conflicts — allows for the impasse to ultimately pass . . . for each single picture to fit into the collective frame.' 

We are going to build this truism in the days, months and years to come. This is the way of nature and nature has a way of resolution . . . it is called evolution. This is the next evolution. This is a way to move forward toward a time where science and religion, where religion and religion, where nation and nation are all saying the same things in different ways, speaking the same words with different languages, and completing each other's sentences. Where religious and national differences have been the causes of most wars . . . this is where that ends. Nature's inevitable destiny is arriving at peace, resolution and harmony. 

Will you be a leader, a teacher, or a follower . . . a transistor, a resister, or a transformer in the process? All of these roles are welcome!