Is Now a Good Time?


The one-room schoolhouse, known as planet Earth, is in a state of complete chaos; the innocent ones and the bullies are co-mingled in the schoolyard. The schoolyard lands of the Mother . . . lands that are fragile and vulnerable . . . are deeply polluted from centuries without proper discipline. The current human nature is polluting every environment in which it exists. It’s completely out of shape . . . supervisors with the super-ability of ‘shape-shifting’ are sleeping, or timid, or not believing that they’re the ones. In other words, supervision needs to wake up to a super 'vision' -- one that’s highly effective; extremely conscious; deeply compassionate, and profoundly neutral . . . to shift the shape of the ignorant aggressive bullies. Scolding will not work -- the unconscious, emotional patterns, permeating the bullies controlling the schoolyard Earth, are immune to scolding. But again, the supervision must show up . . . just showing up will be ninety percent of the solution. Once the supervision shows up, the instructions for shifting the shape of the misshapen patterns of current human nature will intuitively arrive. It’s the courage of showing up that triggers their arrival. This chaos is not by accident, this is by design . . . everyone has shown up to this moment in the role they’ve been assigned . . . everyone except the supervisors . . . and those supervisors are you. You’re one of the conscious ones; you’re here to capture radiance within dark moments -- the moments that have no more wiggle-room. Jump into it; trust yourself -- leverage help from the masters, elders, angels, fairies, elves, guides and source seers . . . bring solace, grace, magical peace and calm back into the schoolyard . . . let all of the Earth's children prosper and learn. Our prayer is that you realize you are who you are . . . tag, you're it . . . you're the one. Take this realization into immediate noble action; show up and trust you’ll be guided; arrive at your super 'vision', and apply this vision as part of the solution. Ask yourself the simple question: “Isn’t now a good time?”