Invest in Solutions


Feelings are composite drawings of times within times that have been accumulated over the genetic lineage of a family’s generational history. They’re not accurate measures of what’s actually taking place in the present, because they’ve so much that’s invested from the past. But as defense mechanisms they’ll organize a brute response to the moment in order to survive the moment. This is why a crowd will follow a bully, or a bullying type of attitude. These are survival instincts that’ve been carried from the ancient past through strains of surviving DNA. They have great abilities to survive, but very little refinement that applies understanding to the current moment. Remember this when you’re deeply disappointed; have hurt feelings, or feel betrayed . . . this will be survived, but not solved with a reaction. In order to solve these feelings you’ll need to dive deeper, contemplate and meditate from a neutral position; remove yourself as the subject and the object of the feelings, and contemplate the pain without being personally hurt. The situation will begin to speak to you . . . begin to speak for itself. Ultimately -- even when all sides believe there’s something really wrong -- the source of the dilemma will reveal itself far beyond this perceived space and time. The “wrong” is simply demonstrating a target -- one that’s easy to blame -- but the blame is an echo of an echo, from another blame, from another time of a time beyond time. Reaction is a two-dimensional expression . . . right-wrong . . . good-bad, but solutions are not two dimensional. They never exist within the same dimension as the problem. Only revenge redefined as “justice” lives along-side the feelings of hurt . . . solutions live in a higher perspective. Our prayer is that you take the time to invest in solutions; allow them to weave through this pathway of feelings; remove the rush and you’ll remove the blocks; sit neutrally with pure feelings, and follow the sensations to their source. Here you’ll discover what’s actually being experienced. This is you being a master and teaching mastery by example. This is you making the world a better place one moment at a time.