Inventing the Sail Sounded Like a Crazy Idea 100,000 Years Ago

If you told someone standing on the beach, "One day I am going to catch that wind and I am going to sail on a boat across that ocean", they would look at you and think you are clinically insane. The solar system has channels. Scientists discovered that there are tunnels of gravity that move through the solar system and they are now trying to figure out what sail we are going to use to actually sail through the solar system.

You and I did not know what a cloth sail was going to be made out of a hundred thousand years ago. We didn't even know it fifty thousand years ago. We didn't know that cotton had fibers and we could spin it into thread and that threads could be woven into fabric.

What is your opinion of gravity? What are you most predisposed to?

Hurt feelings?. . . Betrayal? . . . Sadness? . . . Untargeted sadness or the accumulation of many different emotions ultimately causes you to lose your concentric force. When you lose that concentric force, when you lose that self concentric force, you can't press it back and so you become depressed.

The human being right now is at a crossroads because we're gaining the human capacity to understand the cosmos but we've lost the physical capacity to work with it. We have been depleting our soils and we now have so many people living on the planet that we don't think we can provide them with nutritious foods so we create things that aren't foods to fill up our stomach.

We have never had this many people on the planet interpreting the gravity, pressure, friction, tension and stress.

When your body can't take what your brain is processing, dislocation happens. That is why you need to do Kundalini yoga, you need to stretch into your body glove. You need to chant, you need to clear the brain. You need to do Vipassana.

You need to be silent so that you can reinterpret the opinions that have been pre-programmed into you.