Intuition is Not Good Guessing, It is Knowing


Intuition is not good guessing . . . intuition knows beyond the rational. You know because you know and that is that. When your instrument is fully tuned, you not only live harmoniously in time space, but you know beyond timespace. With an un-tuned instrument, there tends to be more aggression and frustration, which leads to a further need for dominance. This creates the malfunctions of societies with their main emphasis of life becoming the struggle for law and order. Just like today's world . . . we have now entered the era where nothing will work out until the instruments of humanity are tuned.

Those reading this are perhaps more in tune than most, but that doesn't make us better, it only makes us more in tune. We may feel less in tune at times, but that is because we are more aware. It is time we further tune our own instruments.

We all have a core value. We all have a core song at the center of our being; it governs our tendencies and our expectations. We need to move through the debris that has surrounded this song for generations . . . for lifetimes . . . the debris that has kept us out of tune and out of touch.

When we become more in tune, we will then have additional responsibility. The word is actually response ability . . . moving through timespace with the ability to respond. This is the sign of leadership, the sign of a teacher and of mastery.