Intricate Systems (Part I)


The human body has, depending on size, around thirty to ninety trillion cells. Two hundred billion are in the brain alone. The cells are partly comprised of proteins which are encoded by RNA and DNA molecules – the crystals of photsphates and riboses (salts and sugars), with their labyrinths’ of light traveling through at a sub-sub-atomic level. The electrochemical, the electromagnetic, the biochemical and the bio-mechanical systems are coordinated and highly synchronized. The human body, just as life itself, is an elegant immaculate construction of genius. Can this intricate reality of life be more elegant, more immaculate and more genius than the super-intelligent matrix that gave birth to it? The system that places life into the body and then retrieves it from the body (the cosmic construct known as GOD) certainly cannot be less complex than life itself. This being the logic, why then would we believe that the simplistic stories told over centuries have anything to do with reality? This is the core difference between science and religion.

Some of these stories say that you live and then you die – a kind of lights on – lights off policy. Some billions more subscribe to the belief that when you leave Earth you look a little like fuzzy images of your physical self, then you sit with a harp or flute amongst cool breezes, or a pitchfork in a blast furnace, forever. Atheism thrives off these simple undeveloped tales, these constructs make no sense when compared to the layers and layers upon layers of intricate systems, bio-instrumentation and forces that keep us alive.