Intention Grows With Progress


Behind any change that we want to make there is an intention. The power of the intention is beyond measure because all the best intentions are already inside each of us. Living up to this knowledge brings evolution at the very core of our being. The possibilities are infinite if you believe it! Go tell a seed that there is a tree inside of it… you think it would be surprised? It might just answer: Well of course, what else? When the intention to eat consciously comes to visit your thoughts, it is a wonderful thing. You do not have to catch it, keep it locked in and then be afraid of losing it. This is what commercial diets and weight programs are doing. You do not have to maintain the intention, it is already there . . .  Intention lives in spirit! It needs to be free!

When intention visits to your conscious mind, welcome it, start a relationship and meet with its needs and its offering. Check out your true values, what is there to lose… to gain? Feel the call to get on this journey to your highest potential. Explore this intention as it waits for you to shake hands and make the deal of your life!

Conscious eating is about feeding your intention to be healthy as well as your intention for the entire planet and all life to grow always healthier! This is an elegant and blessed process. Enjoy this time of growth. You are more and more powerful everyday!

Let the beautiful life that was intended for you grow its roots deeply in your heart and mind, it will change your inside and outside worlds.

Shant Joti, healer, astrologer and life coach. Info: