Infinite Possibilities


When you gaze into the vast reaches of the Multiverse, Megaverse, and Universe -- knowing spacetime goes on forever -- amongst the very curious, there's a sudden realization -- there has to be a repeating pattern in there somewhere . . . because, in the laws of matter, there's only a finite number of ways in which particles can be arranged around space and time. Though this number of possible arrangements is finite, it's nevertheless a very large number. But when you look far enough into this 'finite' space within the 'infinite-ness' -- you will (by the laws of probability), encounter another version of you out there. In fact, in the collection of the total collective, there has to be many versions of you . . . by the very nature of numbers. Some of these duplicates are doing exactly what you're doing right here, right now -- while others will have made different choices . . . some of them dwell in total peace . . . others are in the same chaos and war that this planet is experiencing. When you are experiencing illness, know that there are versions of you in perfect health Not only do all the pieces of this vastness fall into place around this variance and probability, but all these places will ultimately fall into peace . . . the peace that all life requires at the deepest level. It's the quests and questions that construct the material worlds . . . they're the cause and course of evolution. The deeper, more obscure questions are answered when the various versions of your "self" begin to unite . . . this is the path to singularity. Our prayer is that you're at peace with every part of you; that you embrace every version of you that exists throughout the cosmos; that you see yourself in everyone you meet, and meet yourself in everyone you know. All the time knowing you also have relationships in other galaxies, even other Universes and Megaverses . . . this version is just the one you're awareness is navigating in this moment . . . and there are definitely other moments in this moment.