Include All Ways...Always


Bhakti is the merging of consciousness with an ascended master...a prophet. It's Lord Buddha; Lord Jesus; Lord Krishna; Mohammed; the ten Gurus of the Sikhs, and others, all living at that same infinite frequency inside you. Bhakti is equaling this frequency by surrendering into their memory, and the memory of who they were, and still are. Bhakti is the frequency of inclusion. It's corrupted and distorted when it competes--taking on an exclusive nature--saying it's the only way. None of the prophets were about competing; they were all about compatibility, compassion and inclusion. This moment in the barbaric history of human beings, with their primitive psycho-emotional attitudes of territorial carnivores--their beliefs in exclusivity and exclusion are rampant. This loses the point of every Messianic reality--it abandons the inclusivity required for merging into ascended consciousness. This becomes yet another path of unconsciousness, governed by strict rules and limiting regulations...completely dismissing the fundamentals of every master's teachings.

Containing little value, or resemblance to the life of the Master, such are the ways of religious paths currently competing for space in this time. Beyond their engagement in marketing for more business, these disputed differences between religions are meaningless to the bigger picture of their Prophet’s life and fulfillment. No path is the highest path, for infinity has no measure, no direction and definitely no hierarchies. The life of an enlightened master; awakened prophet, and the messiah of any religion, is a path that embraces infinity with its unique qualities of being incomparable and unimaginable. It’s this nature that marks inclusion as all-powerful, and a Master’s true teachings as remarkable.

Our prayer is that you embrace the truth in all faiths; discover the commonality of all things, and in this commonality, all differences are effaced. The great masters--working together as One--will draw humanity together as one. This is the path of all religions that includes all ways...always.

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