In The Uncertainty of Feminine We Want to Create the Safety of Masculine


Time and space are the same events: they are just different moments in the same event. The passage of time is an illusion. The passage of time is actually the passage of space through a moment of perception. If you try to make sense of this then you are actually moving outside of time and into space because space can be defined, space can be analyzed. Space is man. Time can only be experienced. Time cannot be defined, time cannot be analyzed. Time is woman From the infinite nothingness, the first to arise was the woman. As time created a gap in the nothingness the gap began to observe itself. Night and day are not different events but simply different perspectives of the same event. This binary system on the play of opposites created right and wrong, night and day, you and me. the event of sunlight shining on the planet earth, therefore, you and I are not different events. The event of sunlight shining on the planet earth is the event of the light of the infinite source, 'ru' shining on the 'gu'. Gu means total darkness and 'ru' means total light, that’s why the word guru means: teacher . . . one who brings light to darkness . . . knowledge to ignorance.The senses measure space, time governs the senses. The senses measure the masculine, the feminine governs the senses. What we have going on in today’s world is an obsession with law and order, the futile attempts to create safety out of what is unknown. Rather than perceiving the unknown as an opportunity to create knowledge, we perceive the unknown as a sensation of uncertainty and in that uncertainty, we want to create safety. In the uncertainty of the feminine, we want to create the safety of the masculine. This has governed evolution for hundreds if not thousands of years. That’s why we have evolved to the place in which everything is masculine. Everything is measured, everything is calculated, everything is calibrated, everything is analyzed and if it can’t be calculated, calibrated, analyzed or defined then it doesn’t exist and so we just wiped out half the universe out of our consciousness because half the universe can’t be calculated, calibrated, analyzed or defined.