In Order To Receive, Perceive


How would you like to paint a mural and then somebody give you a little dime store frame and says: here put it in there . . . When tension, pressure, stress and friction are here to break a spell, what you must do then is go to what time creates . . . which is space. You have to expand space to create a large frame so that the frame of space can fit around your time because if you take a large puzzle and only focus on a little tiny section, it's confusing. With those jigsaw puzzles you always tried to find colors that were the same and you put them all in piles and then you tried to find all the pieces that had a flat side because you knew those were the edge pieces. In other words, you established a process in which you could chunk things down into describable units while still maintaining the larger picture and that is all the construct of time. All psychology is based on that. All anatomy is based on that. All astrology is based on that. Cosmology is based on that. Astronomy is based on that. Geography is based on that. You have to realize that everything is a construct of it. It is in fact the unified field . . . the only thing that we have to create is a field large enough to unify all of the constructs . . . That unified field is infinite so that means that your construct and my construct and her construct and his construct and everyone's construct are all included in that field and that is established through flexibility. Being flexible and being responsible means that you have enough flexibility to respond to anything. That is how you can continuously deconstruct old frames . . . reconstruct new ones in each moment in order to see the blessing that is occurring. In order to receive, perceive, observe and understand the blessing that is occurring and then all sides move to the center point of resolution. You no longer stand firmly in yours and the others don't stand firmly in theirs. We all slide to that pure center point.