Imagine Hopefull Solutions


The Earth is currently in a rare moment -- not a completely unique one -- but clearly a conspicuous moment in the history of human awareness. You have global displays of violence, and reactive governance based in fear. It mimics levels witnessed in all the horrendous periods of history. When human popularity is based on the cruelty of reaction; where the human mind acts without access to empathy, understanding, or compassion -- it becomes dangerous to life. Human beings have elevated capacities of intelligence and innovation -- without the commandments of love, compassion and empathy -- these innovations of intelligence are always weaponized. Fear and insecurity become the guidance and the governance . . . extreme individualism becomes the popularity driver . . . barbarism and intolerance pose as success, and the system honors intolerance beyond all else. These are the roots of the most violent and destructive qualities in the human character. This opportunistic popularity is showing up again today -- intelligence is being measured in the threats of aggression; might is being determined as the right and the authority; compassion and understanding are seen as weaknesses -- in these moments throughout history, living systems are ignorantly devastated. The current extinction rate is one thousand times higher than any previous recording . . . this is billions of years of recorded history. This moment has appeared with every barbaric civilization throughout the true history of this Universe, not the history that’s depicted in ever shortened memories of time, but the deeper knowledge that’s hidden by fake histories rewritten with the blood-ink of violence and victory . . . all masking the truer legacy. You’re facing this false legacy again -- not to fall for its seduction -- but to remember its folly and be the hope. Our prayer is that you climb out of the collective human fog; open your awareness to history -- recent and ancient -- in which this moment has repeated; guarantee that you do not participate in its false images and faulty promises . . . be the hope humanity has hoped for . . . be hopeful in your motivation, and imagine hopeful solutions.