Imagine Change

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The brain in your head is a magnificent opportunity, or a disruptive interference, and science is only beginning to understand the tiniest portions of its function. Yogis for centuries have studied and understood the depths of this human head-brain and written about it in many scriptures. One such passage, in the Vedas, describes the amount of information the human head-brain processes in every moment. The eye blinks in one-seventh of a second -- called a nimesha. This is the time it takes the wheel-of-sensation, or micro-thought, to spin 1,000 times . . . in the blink of an eye. Therefore this wheel -- filled with micro-thoughts -- spins (7x1000 = 7,000) times per second.

This wheel also contains 1,200 possible variations of the emotions and micro-thoughts available in every moment . . . each one able to create a fully formed idea, or attitude. When you do the further math, there are (7000×1200 = 8.4 million) possibilities of sensation, emotion, thought-form, ideas, or full blown attitudes per second. This is literally what’s always available to the head-brain from the universal mind. When so much is available, being fixated on any single attitude is meaningless. When highly conscious and aware -- like from your meditations -- you receive the cutting edge of these 8.4 million possibilities. This portion contains the powerful thoughts with great and creative momentum. The later portions are like table scraps -- filled with doubts, fears and a deep sense of impossibilities. To have great ideas, new ideas, intuitive ideas, you must practice your disciplines and fashion your dreaming, meditating and imagination with fantastic fantasies.

Our prayer is that you tune up to the highest frequencies available throughout the universal-mind; that you use your head-brain for this remarkable and miraculous task that it was created for, and share the miracles of this world as a master . . . and when in a slump . . . imagine change. 

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