Imagination...Relax your Grip


Sensations are estimates; feelings are approximations; thoughts are word puzzles. What your brain does, when it's unable to explain what it is right in front of you . . . it improvises. It will try to make sense of any situation that has zero sensory input, or that has an overwhelming sensory input . . . it will make something up. It will try to explain the zero-sense with common-sense. This happens when you experience a powerful gong in deep relaxation, or a large conch shell being blown in deep meditation. The vast overtones are mentally unexplainable; your brain makes up a story to compensate for the sensation that's incomprehensible, and or intolerable . . . often time’s people hear celestial voices singing in the midst of the gong. Both an overwhelming sensory presence and complete sensory absence will cause this. A perfect example of absence is what the indigenous people of the ‘uncontacted Mexica’ call Taquatsi, the deep-underground, character-altering, blackness (detailed in my book, Buried Treasures). There's also a substance that science is experimenting with, called vantablack, made of carbon nano-tubes. It absorbs all the light that strikes it, it’s the blackest of black. In both these situations they reflect nothing . . . you see nothing. There’s no place on the surface of the Earth that’s capable of this phenomenon . . . only deep-space, the deep-underground, and carbon-crystal nano-tubes. Physical vision works by sensing reflected photons (light particles) from all objects; your brain uses this light to mentally construct the world you experience. When no light is reflected, and you’re unable to experience the outside, you draw imagery from inside. You call this imagination, but it's really always mixing with your physical sight. This is the nature of your senses -- they’re not exact -- they’re estimates; always compensating for lacking data with imaginary mixtures of opinions and conclusions . . . fables of the present. Our prayer is that you realize how fragile your opinions are; how -- not real -- reality is; relax your grip and allow your world to transform . . . transform into a world of your dreams.