Imagination, Intuition and Creativity

This world -- by Carl Jung’s definition -- is clinically insane. It does the same things over and over, expecting different responses. Every year the flu changes and needs a new vaccine. If you don’t imagine the next opportunity, the possibility won’t be available when it arrives. Allow your imagination to release you into this very moment, for an ideal world is an imagined world, and imagination requires time. Leonardo da Vinci imagined helicopters and submarines that required centuries and the imagination of others until submarines and helicopters became real. When imagination is maintained through all of the propositions and oppositions of time, it will ultimately and naturally manifest. This is true within any force, and with any idea. It was Einstein who said, “The imagination of today is a reality of tomorrow.” Within every ideal world, there’s an idea world. And because there’s an ideal world in the future, that world will exist in today’s imagined ideas . . . hold these long enough and they becomes actual. Ideals are made from your highest values, like humanity becoming humane; like peace existing on Earth. These values must be imagined in their highest forms, and held until they manifest. If armies could have ever solved the human dilemmas of injustice, they would’ve done so by now . . . armies have been around a very long time. And like doctor’s responding to the flu -- there needs to be a new response for peace. Armies are responding to the flu of today, with vaccines from a thousand years ago. Law and order does not create either law, or order, and bombing for peace is very old thinking in a brand new world. Every master understands peace on every level is at the core of all matter. It’s the ease, joy, knowing, and liberation that’s always there. Armies and wars don’t create it, they disrupt it. Our prayer is that you combine your imagination, intuition and creativity; allow your imagination to release you into this moment without holding on to the past; intuit what this moment brings, and apply creative responses to what that is -- not what it was. Imagine peace . . . hold this in your heart . . . intuition will show the way . . . you know it will.