Illogical Kindness


Time is the sensation of space moving through a point of reference. This sensation creates "reality" which has two halves. In fact, reality is far from being real. One half of reality is the realm of logic – it's masculine; it's predictable; it’s measureable, and identifiable . . . it's the patriarchy. The other half of reality is magic (pronounced mah-jik) -- it's feminine; it's unpredictable; it’s immeasurable, and completely without identity . . . it’s the unknown . . . it's the matriarchy. Logic is the experience of the three dimensions of space, along with the measurement of time . . . the fourth dimension. Magic is the source -- like the code -- behind it all. There's a screen in a doorway between these two worlds; logic is what you experience and can measure on the screen in that doorway; magic is what's behind the screen. It's a screen, like a movie screen, and on that screen, the archetypes of your destiny and fate play the characters in the movie you know as your life.

The writing of the script; the casting of the film; the selection of the scenes; the plot twists and streams -- these are all dictated by your cosmology; your chronology; your genealogy -- plus the willingness of your will. Your cosmology (history of your incarnations); your genealogy (history of your generations . . . ancestry), and your chronology (the time record of your life in this life) -- these are all fixed in place, except for the fuzziness of your memory of time. The willingness of your will is what lives in your heart; it's the freedom to succeed each time you experience a good, or bad scene in your film. It's the rhythms and consistency that assist you with each step. This is where the magic comes in; this is power of your will; this is the path of the heart, and it requires kindness, compassion and integrity to access the realm behind the screen . . . the realm where the impossible is made possible . . . the realm of miracles.

Our prayer is that you practice acts of illogical kindness; that you use immeasurable compassion to balance out your passion; that integrity is your touch-stone, and you live as an example of how miracles are created from their source.

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