Ignorance is not not knowing. It is not the lack of knowledge. It's ignoring what you know. There is an old saying, ignorance is bliss. Well there is an older saying; it's still ignorant. You do need to be able to absorb the observation, hold it long enough to determine where it is to be placed so you move through time and space by making an impression. If you just move through time and space being impressed, you were never here.

You need to leave a mark that you were here on earth, you're not just here to get by. You're here to make an impression. Hierarchy will try to knock you down. Do not relate to hierarchy. When you walk into any room make it your home then enable all others in the room to feel at home. I used to tag along because I used to drive Yogi Bhajan and we would go to these house, you know, a new yogi in town, 1969 Los Angeles. Everybody who was anybody wanted to meet the new yogi who was in town. We had invitation after invitation and we didn't have map quest. So I was driving around and I drove by this guy with map of the stars and I thought, I am in heaven. I need one of those because everyone who is inviting us out has to be on that map.

So I bought one. He said do you want a ride and I said, no I am driving and he looked at me a bit strange. Every house we walked into, the master of the house was this gentleman that I brought. He would walk in and ask everybody if they were comfortable and if anybody needed anything. Finally he would end up finding the kitchen and open up the refrigerator and ask if he could cook some food for anybody. After we had a burial ceremony for any of the dead creatures that were in the fridge, he would start cooking. He would turn around and say, don't bury dead animals in your refrigerator. He would ask if there were a shovel and go in the back garden and bury all the meat. People would ask why we get sheepskins, isn't it a dead animal they would ask. He would say, yea but we didn't eat it. Now we are sitting on it to bless it.