Ignite Re-evolution


You -- the soul-bodies who've flown beyond space at the end of countless lifetimes -- liberating over and over again . . . know the extent of the cosmos . . . know this Universe and planet Earth are but one amongst the countless. It's clear in these vast spaces that this Universe is but a dimple in one massive Megaverse, and the Megaverse is one amongst many in the Multiverse. You've flown this vastness at the ends of many lifetimes with great courage at the moment of many deaths. You've liberated your 'Self' with total forgiveness . . . something you practiced while alive. Within the grace of this forgiving, you acquired the capacity to adventure beyond the horizons of everything that’s known. You've incarnated in the Universes beyond Universes . . . worlds beyond worlds. You've even traveled through the 'nothingness' beyond the edges of the great Megaverses . . . the 'neither-regions' between Multiverses. And it's the journey through these 'neither-regions' -- the realms that share no indication of anything . . . the realms of pure and absolute nothing -- where the full extent of the awakened process of forgiveness is fused into your consciousness. It's here -- where the quadrillions of years of travel become a miniscule moment -- where the soul-body produces unfathomable, unimaginable levels of empathic compassion to contribute loving kindness into the chaos in the three and four dimensional existences on the planets. While those who've timidly remained within the ‘atma-sphere’ of a single planet; holding fearfully within limited limits; trusting nothing but the "guaranteed" . . . make up the majority of Earth's dwellers at this moment. These are the most fearful; the most aggressive; require the most control; make up the most stories, and deny the most facts . . . these are the children -- in adult bodies -- with zero forgiveness. Our prayer is that you realize you are this stranger in a very strange land . . . assigned to this young planet to ignite re-evolution; that you are willing to take on this task with your knowledge of the vast, and carry these 7.3 billion "children" forward into the courage you have mastered through forever.